Patient Registration with Arise Austin Medical Center has a 2 step digital process.

We know the day of surgery can be a stressful one for our patients, so Arise has devised a simple two-step process of patient pre-registration prior to your surgery date.

Step 1 of this process is to complete your online medical history, with One Medical Passport. Completing the online medical history as soon as possible allows ours clinical staff to be able to customize your surgical experience.

Step 2 of the process is to download the GetRNDS app prior to arriving for surgery. Upon checking in for your surgery, you will be provided with a six digit personal ID number. Entering this number into the GetRNDS app will allow you communications with both your physician and nursing staff at Arise Austin Medical Center.

This simple 2-step process is just another way that Arise Austin medical Center is working to personalize your care.

Step 1 – One Medical Passport

Completing the One Medical Passport online questionnaire is a convenient and secure way to give your healthcare providers the information they need to give you the best care possible and minimize long phone interviews.

Step 2 – Get RNDS

Download the GetRNDS app to your smart phone, prior to your arrival date. We will provide you with your unique identification code upon check in. GetRNDS is a patient centered app to help improve the patient experience by allowing patients and caregivers to interact with one another and provide real time feedback.